27 decembrie 2010

Video : Akon & The Lonley Island - I Just Had Sex

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Probabil ca va asteptati ca acum, inainte de sfarsitul anului, artistii vostri preferati sa ia o pauza si sa va surprinda cu melodii noi abia de anul viitor. Iata insa, ca Akon munceste de zor pana in ultima clipa si a realizat un nou duet pe melodia trupei The Lonely Island.
Membrii trupei The Lonely Island au oferit fanilor o surpriza placuta si neasteptata chiar inainte de sfarsitul anului: ei eu lansat in colaborare cu starul R&b Akon, o melodie noua care se numeste “I Just Had Sex”.
Si pentru ca surpriza sa fie completa, The Lonely Island au venit si cu un videoclip pentru aceasta piesa incendiara, videoclip in care apar artisti cunoscuti precum Jessica Alba, Blake Lively si John McEnroe.
Titlul sugestiv al melodiei, versurile explicite si clipul incendiar au starnit curiozitatea si admiratia fanilor si deja are foarte multe vizualizari pe Youtube.Eu unul o ascult încontinuu și nu ma mai opresc din ras !
Acum , perversilor va las si versurile :
Something beautiful happens in this world
You don’t know how to express yourself so
And lonely island
You just gotta sing


I just had sex
And it felt so good
I wanna let me put my penis inside her
I just had sex
And I’ll never go back
To the not having sex ways of the past

(Lonely Island)

Have you ever had sex
I have it felt great
It felt so good
When i did it with my penis
A girl let me do it
It literally just happened
Having sex should make a nice man after meanest

Never guess where I just came from
I had sex
If I had to describe the feeling
It was the best
When I had the sex
Man my penis felt great
I called my parents right after I was done

Oh hey didn’t see you there
Guess what i just did
Had sex
Saw her boobies and the rest
For sure
Nice of her to let you do that thing
Nice of any girl ever
Now sing


I just had sex
And it felt so good
I wanna let me put my penis inside her
I wanna tell the world

(Lonely island)

To be honest
I'm surprised she even wanted me to do it
Doesn't really make sense
But man screw it
I ain't one to argue with a good thing
She could be my wife
That good
The best 30 seconds of my life
I’m so humbled by the girls
? to let me do her
Honestly I had sex with a pile of venua
With that in mind
The soft nice smell of girls better
She let me wear my chain and my turtle neck sweater


So this one’s dedicated to them girls
That let us flop around on top of them (yeah)
Whether you’re near or far
Whether short or tall
We wanna thank you all
For letting us fuck you

(Lonely Island & Akon)

She kept looking at her watch (Doesn't matter had sex)
But I cried the whole time (Doesn't matter had sex)
I think she mighta been a racist (Doesn't matter had sex)
She put a bag on my head (still counts)


I just had sex
And my dreams came true
So if you’ve had sex in the last 30 minutes
Then you qualified to sing with me


I just had sex (everybody sing)
And it felt so good (we all had sex)
I wanna let me put my penis inside her (I wanna tell the world)

I just had sex
And i’ll never go back
Do not have sex ways of the past
It feels so great

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